The holidays are upon us, so rev up those ovens.  And seriously – if frosting cookies or cakes – use all-natural food coloring.   India Tree makes it, as well as sparkling sugars for decorating.  What’s wrong with artificial coloring you ask … It is bad for you; real chefs refuse to use it; many countries ban it.  It has been shown to contribute to inattention, cause hyperactivity, and may lead to rashes, asthma, or even tumors.  It is made of petroleum, in addition to acetone and coal tars.  Want to put those things in your mouth?  (Come on FDA, get with it.)  Children are the most vulnerable to artificial color because their bodies are smaller and still developing, and also because their desserts and snacks are the most likely to contain artificial coloring.  From my own experience, Red 40 is the biggest offender.  So your candy cane cookies look slightly pinkish this year.  Ah, the price we pay for health.