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We wanted something that looked built-in, but that wasn’t actually built-in (in case we moved).  A piece of furniture that could be broken down into separate units and used in different areas of a room if needed.  This is all-in-one as shown, but can also act as 2 book shelves and a TV stand.  Especially love the hutch which hides the TV.  Out of sight, out of mind, when it comes to the kiddos, so I only have to watch Dora when I choose to do so.  Lot’s of storage below for toys or DVDs.  We have the black version, but it comes in multiple colors and is on sale at the moment.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-



My “take two pieces of saran wrap with flour and dough between them and wrestle a rolling pin over them to roll out cookie dough and pie crust evenly” days are over.  Put one of these above and one of these below and the dough or crust comes off evenly and smoothly. Apparently the French know everything when it comes to cooking.  Go figure.  Merci Silpat.


Apparently my home town (NYC) has become a hurricane target.  I needed this device a few weeks ago when we were in the dark.  7 hours of power when charged and then just turn the crank and you are back in business.  It provides power for lights, TVs, stereos, small appliances and computers, as well as DC power for jump-starting cars (cables included).  Genius!


Tis the season … year after year I order a wreath (and spend way too much money) and year after year I have to throw it out.  This wire one is reusable, multi-purpose, easy to store, modern (fun), and, quite frankly, one of the coolest decorations I have seen this year.  If you are handy you could probably even make your own.  Here’s some more decorative alternatives … via CB2.

I stopped drinking soda after I read about how many years it was supposed to take off of your life.  And, specifically, to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  Well, I am back to drinking it again.  Grown Up Soda (GUS), that is.  100% natural, no preservatives, no caffeine, lightly sweetened (with cane sugar) and only around 90 calories.  So good.  So refreshing. (Especially the pomegranate.)

I also searched forever to find a great (natural) root beer.  I have Whole Foods to thank for bringing floats back into my life.  Yum.

Your child is old enough to sleep with a pillow, but the choices for toddlers are sparse, not to mention too fluffy (in my opinion), i.e. unsafe. This one is the perfect size/height and (bonus) has an organic cover.

Lifekind also makes the most comfortable (soft) organic bedding as well. So buy the twin sheet set to go with the toddler pillow while you’re at it, or maybe even linens for your King.  There are no cartoon characters on the sheets – may have to answer to your child on this point.  But, you will not regret these purchases.  In my home, a well rested child (not to mention parent) is priceless.

Bottles, teethers, sippy cups, toys, not to mention bath tubs, sinks and toilets … your hands are irritated (dry/rashy) even when wearing regular dishwashing gloves and you need an alternative.  Hate to break it to you, but you likely have a latex sensitivity (same here).  I bought these and will never own another pair of yellow gloves again.  Ever.  Sorry, your excuse not to clean no longer exists.  Thanks a lot True Blue (kinda).

You asked, so here we go.  For thrill-seekers and those who are just plain lazy, check out Spnkix.  Not jet speed, but you can go 2-3 miles on a single charge and up to 10mph.  Unfortunately, the recommended age for these is 16+ (liability issues, go figure), but something tells me a toddler would get a kick out of using the remote control to wheel daddy around the driveway.  Each comes with a wireless remote that straps onto your hand, allowing for throttle adjustment of the wheels with a simple nudge.  At $699 a pair this is not your average holiday gift.

It took over a decade of searching (and spending money unnecessarily) to find a ballet flat that I could actually walk miles in without a blister. Camper.  Right.  Bought it in many many colors (size 8 1/2 = size 40), as well as for my daughter.

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