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This is my absolute favorite toddler cup.  My daughter had one.  Perfect size and weight for small hands, no leaks, soft (but strong) straw that did not scratch her mouth, poke her eye or get chewed up, parts that were easy to put together (and not too many of them, relatively speaking). Best of all, the straw was easy to use (no hard sucking) as opposed to anything “sippy”, and straws apparently promote proper speech formation.  So why, oh why, would Combi USA discontinue this (when apparently they are still made by the company in Japan)?!?  My son is going to transition from bottle to cup soon, so I just purchased some remaining stock from  Ebay has a few as well.  If I need more I guess I will just have to order from this website or travel abroad. That is how much I love this cup.


Your child is old enough to sleep with a pillow, but the choices for toddlers are sparse, not to mention too fluffy (in my opinion), i.e. unsafe. This one is the perfect size/height and (bonus) has an organic cover.

Lifekind also makes the most comfortable (soft) organic bedding as well. So buy the twin sheet set to go with the toddler pillow while you’re at it, or maybe even linens for your King.  There are no cartoon characters on the sheets – may have to answer to your child on this point.  But, you will not regret these purchases.  In my home, a well rested child (not to mention parent) is priceless.

This little (inexpensive) device has saved my child’s head from being crushed by the dishwasher door, hands from being scalded by the oven and our ice cream from being eaten for breakfast (those of you with a bottom freezer drawer know what I am talking about).  It also works well on sliding closet doors, for neat freaks that do not want a 2 year old rearranging their shoe collection on a daily basis.  When our daugnter is 18 maybe I’ll use it on our liquor cabinet.  Enough said.

You asked, so here we go.  For thrill-seekers and those who are just plain lazy, check out Spnkix.  Not jet speed, but you can go 2-3 miles on a single charge and up to 10mph.  Unfortunately, the recommended age for these is 16+ (liability issues, go figure), but something tells me a toddler would get a kick out of using the remote control to wheel daddy around the driveway.  Each comes with a wireless remote that straps onto your hand, allowing for throttle adjustment of the wheels with a simple nudge.  At $699 a pair this is not your average holiday gift.

It took over a decade of searching (and spending money unnecessarily) to find a ballet flat that I could actually walk miles in without a blister. Camper.  Right.  Bought it in many many colors (size 8 1/2 = size 40), as well as for my daughter.


We have a black and white cat.  So I (former crazy pregnant lady) wanted a mobile with cats on it in black and white tones (especially since newborn babies can only see in black, white and shades of gray early on).  You would think a cool modern looking mobile like this would exist.  Wrong.  Could not find one anywhere.  I did, however, find KLTworks which was even better.  Everyone has their own story, so create your own custom mobile for baby’s nursery.  Here’s mine.  And, now that our daughter is older, we cut the cats off the mobile and use them as little throw pillows on her bed.


The holidays are upon us, so rev up those ovens.  And seriously – if frosting cookies or cakes – use all-natural food coloring.   India Tree makes it, as well as sparkling sugars for decorating.  What’s wrong with artificial coloring you ask … It is bad for you; real chefs refuse to use it; many countries ban it.  It has been shown to contribute to inattention, cause hyperactivity, and may lead to rashes, asthma, or even tumors.  It is made of petroleum, in addition to acetone and coal tars.  Want to put those things in your mouth?  (Come on FDA, get with it.)  Children are the most vulnerable to artificial color because their bodies are smaller and still developing, and also because their desserts and snacks are the most likely to contain artificial coloring.  From my own experience, Red 40 is the biggest offender.  So your candy cane cookies look slightly pinkish this year.  Ah, the price we pay for health.

I do not want to trip over a Barbie princess potty in the middle of the night, nor do I wish to have Elmo staring me down when I am in the shower.  I also do not want to purchase a brand new adult toilet seat with a flip down attached (expensive) that I will only use for a few years. Thank you Strata for this elegant solution – not to mention – very easy to install.

For those toddlers that are newbies and can’t quite mount an adult toilet on their own, Boon makes a nice alternative that functions as a potty, step stool and bath toy storage container all-in-one.  Nice.

Corners on coffee tables = stitches.  Solution … a round table.  This one solves the problem and provides much needed storage (bonus!).  Now if only they made it in black.  Yes, please!?!


I wish.  Please Apple, when are you going to capitalize on this idea?  I am sick of having Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and songs by the Wiggles randomly pop up on my ipod when I am out for a run.  This was the best alternative I could find for my 4 year old (love it). Unfortunately, it has recently been discontinued and the ones left on the market are not cheap.


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